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      86-510-83720170 -8007
      E-mail: lanhong@lhdz.com
      About us

          Wuxi Lanhong Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.
          Lanhong is a technology seeker in research and development of vacuum contactors and power equipment. It is committed to providing reliable equipment for the power industry, oil and gas industry and other industrial customers to help them improve the performance while reducing the impact to the environment.
          Lanhong has delivered a number of key projects worldwide. In terms of power distribution, electrical automation products oilfield and gas equipment, Lanhong has established a strong R&D capacity and capability. Our products and solution have been widely used in North America, Asia and China. Lanhong has passed all international certifications like OHSMS and our products are type tested according to IEC and Chinese GB standard. Our team puts customer first as well as quality and integrity.

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